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The core business of The Retail Factory is counting, measuring and analysing trends/behaviours of visitors in shops/shopping centers, (shopping) streets in cities and locations (events/stations/supermarkets/festivities…) where a big group of people can be situated… and plays an important role.
With this accurate information each organization can make the right strategic decisions, benchmark periods and analyse the impact of (marketing) activities/events/changes etc.

Our automated systems measure for




Shopping Centers





What do we measure?

Number of Visitors

Visitors per city, mall, event, zone, scanner, airport, restaurant, ... .

New Visitors

First time visitors, new visitors due to an event or campaign, ... .

Dwell Time

Average time, dwell time distribution, daily distribution, peek moments, ... .

Visit Frequency

Recurent visitors, percentage of regular customers, visitors, ... .


Behaviour of your vistors, direction of the crowd, interaction between your event and your shops/city center, ... .


Place of residence of your visitors, interaction between a mailing campaign and their dwelling place, ... .

A couple of companies & cities for whom we are measuring


Our scanning systems have access to active and accurate data regarding visitors, and consumer behavior in shopping streets, malls or locations/events where large crowds move/meet.

Through fully automatic measurements 24/7, visitor trends and indicators are clarified, such as:
     • the visitor numbers (with distinction between unique- and new visitors)
     • walking flows
     • heatmap
     • dwell times
     • visit frequency
     • exchange matrix between measuring points
     • interaction between (shopping) streets/areas/cities/events ...

Through these transparent/simple insights into visitor trends you are able to:
     • analyse results/marketing promotions/events (attendance, turnover ...)/procedures
     • benchmark these against each other and/or with respect to other cities/municipalities/regions/events
     • organize your organization and/or events more efficiently
     • take appropriate operational, tactical and strategic decisions


Our scanning system is the result of a self-developed innovative methodology.

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