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The Retail Factory

counting and analysing your visitors

Get more out of your existing visitors and passers-by.

The core business of The Retail Factory is counting, measuring trends, behaviours of visitors in shops, shopping centers, (shopping) streets in cities and specific locations (events, stations, supermarkets, festivities and more) where big groups of people are being present. With this accurate information each organization can make the right strategic decisions, benchmark periods and analyze the impact of (marketing) activities, events changes etc.


Our automated systems measure for


Shopping Centers




'Footfall intelligence' thanks to technological innovation

Our scanning systems have access to active and accurate data regarding visitors, and consumer behavior in shopping streets, malls or locations / events where large crowds move / meet.

Technology (hardware and software)

The Retail Factory is an innovative company with hardware and software developed in-house and always using the latest technologies

hard-en software


capture data

We capture certain signals on a permanent basis through this combination of hardware and software. This raw (mass) data is then processed into accurate data.

Accurate data / insights

Accurate concretely usable data / results provide innovative insights about visitors / passers-by and their behavior. With this you can evaluate, benchmark, optimize, analyze, ...

generate data

Our scanning system is the result of a self-developed innovative methodology.

What we measure

Number of Visitors

Visitors per city, mall, event, zone, scanner, airport, restaurant, ... .

Dwell Time

Average time, dwell time distribution, daily distribution, peek moments, ... .


Behaviour of your vistors, direction of the crowd, interaction between your event and your shops/city center, ... .

New Visitors

First time visitors, new visitors due to an event or campaign, ... .

Visit Frequency

Recurent visitors, percentage of regular customers, visitors, ... .

What can you do with this data?

-> Organize your organization, store (s), shopping center, retail park, ... in an efficient (er) way by gaining insight into the real 'performance' of a location.

-> Analyze and benchmark your results from events, marketing promotions or other with specific locations and periods.

-> Make revenue-increasing decisions with new insights.

-> Evaluate the impact of changes, actions or other decisions made based on concrete results.

Van technologie naar concrete resultaten/inzichten

Visitor and passer-by count


Counting visitors / passers-by via eg. stereoscopic “cameras” with an accuracy of up to 99%. Different counts possible via 1 device.


Processing and displaying results


All data processing and operations are carried out in accordance with the applicable European GDPR legislation. This mass of data is reduced to anonymous accurate results that are displayed in real time in a proprietary web portal. This always within a personalized environment of the client.

Date of capture


Counting visitors / passers-by via eg. stereoscopic “cameras” with an accuracy of up to 99%. Different counts possible via 1 device.

A couple of companies & cities for whom we are measuring

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